Bombstar is a collaboration between poet Paul Steffan Jones and singer-songwriter Charlie Sharp, both from Cardigan, Wales. The song has been put on myspace to bring it to a wider audience. The poem Bombstar was written by Paul in response to a realisation that there is often a beauty in scenes of destruction. It is a love song in a cold climate, a hymn to surviving in troubled times when our every move is open to surveillance, judgement and retribution by smart weapons. The poem was published in Poetry Wales and Paul’s friend Charlie was moved to turn the lyric into a song. Another friend, David R. Edwards, leader of the band Datblygu, liked it so much that he released it on a double A-sided comeback/farewell single Can Y Mynach Modern/Song of The Modern Monk on the Ankst label in August 2008.

hear the song at:


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