Shoreditch Town Hall Basement Gallery

December 9th – 16th 2010

private view Thursday 9th December from 5p.m.

“I shared my childhood with characters from superhero comics who, through happenstance or genetical disposition, were or became ‘freaks’ of one kind or another, but whose ‘freakery’ elevated them to heroic status. The Elongated Man, Metamorpho, The X-Men. I cannot nominate these pulp titles for inclusion in a pantheon of world literature, but they certainly kindled in me an interest in art, and quite possibly encouraged an empathetic attitude towards any people in the real world whose physical attributes deviate from the socially accepted mean.
This enduring interest in comics hybridises in these artworks with a general interest in visual deception and illusion [–the mainstays of representational art] and manifested here through the milieu of traditional circus acts and carnival sideshows where living tableaux were employed to amuse, bewilder and provoke.”

Glenn Ibbitson           October 2010

Exhibition Poster


Standing Claw:  charcoal and watercolour 101x77cm

Seated Claw:  charcoal and watercolour 101x77cm

Conjoined Twins:   charcoal on paper  91x70cm



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