TATSUKO: supporters


Because of its running time of just over 44 minutes, Tatsuko was ineligible for state funding. It was deemed too long for Arts Council of Wales funding, while falling short of the length considered by the Film Agency for Wales. Post-production required funds to finance the time Wyn Lewis Jones spent in the sound studio on composing the soundtrack. I decided to attract financial assistance through the Crowd-funding model.

A big thank you to the following patrons who pledged support for TATSUKO.
please visit their websites.

Yvette Brown                www.smallbrownbird.co.uk/
Gillian McIver-Tanbouli    www.artsite.org.uk/
Carole King                    www.carolekingart.co.uk/
Mike Hall                       http://michaelhall.vpweb.co.uk  
Clare FergusonWalker     http://www.cfwdesigns.co.uk/ 
White Lion St. Gallery     http://www.artmatters.org.uk/
Liz and Peter Bellamy     Pen Pwmp Gallery; Upper St. Mary st. Newport SA42 0TB
Mike and Marion Dawe    http://www.secludedbedandbreakfast.co.uk
John and Jana Ellis         http://www.johnelliseone.co.uk/
Rozanne Hawksley         http://www.rozannehawksley.com/
Barbara Price                 http://www.barbaraprice.co.uk
Zara Kuchi                     http://www.zarakuchi.co.uk/
Paul Steffan Jones         http://p47sj.wordpress.com/
Les McCallum                 http://www.spencermac.com
Gaynor McMorrin            http://www.mcmorrin.co.uk



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